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Adviser webinars

MLC Asset Management’s webinars are available to financial advisers and provide economic updates, investment insights and the latest market developments from our partner firms.

View past webinars on-demand via the links below.

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The future doesn't have to look like the past

5 December 2019

As the equity rally gets long in the tooth and central banks struggle to revive inflation, Dr Ben McCaw, Portfolio Manager - Capital Markets Research and Gareth Abley, Head of Alternative Strategies and Listed Sector Portfolios, will share how they are positioning portfolios in this environment. (Passcode: mlcwbnr).

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History does not repeat, but it rhymes

27 August 2019

As Mark Twain insightfully commented, history does not repeat, but it rhymes. Generally, in investment management, experience provides important insights for the future. But what if the future is so different to the past that experience is a hindrance? (Passcode: mlcwbnr).

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Antares quarterly investment update

18 July 2019

Hear from Nick Pashias, who is Co-Head of Antares Equities and Deputy PM of the fund, and has been an integral part of the Antares team for over 21 years. Nick will discuss how the fund uses both long and short strategies to deliver alpha for investors in the Antares High Growth Shares Fund. At the heart of stock selection (long and short) for the Fund is the research undertaken by the broader Antares equities team. (Passcode: Antares).

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