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MLC Managed Account Strategies

Introducing the new MLC Managed Account Strategies

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Offering decades of MLC investment experience in a contemporary investment structure that strengthens your client relationships – and builds your business.

MLC’s* new range of Managed Account Strategies links MLC’s proven investment expertise with all the business efficiencies and client benefits of a managed account structure.

Our portfolios combine our best thinking on asset allocation with a disciplined investment process - developed over 35 years - that optimises returns and reduces risk.

With Premium Model Portfolios that capture the return opportunities of active management and Value Model Portfolios that deliver the cost benefits of passive solutions, MLC Managed Account Strategies means you can give your clients real choice.

Add the tax benefits of beneficial ownership along with professionally managed portfolio construction and you’re offering your clients a high-tech, high-touch answer to their investment needs. And doing so in a way that gives you more time to spend with your clients – and on building your business.

Why MLC Managed Account Strategies?

A more modern choice from one of Australia’s most experienced investment managers

MLC Managed Account Strategies provide access to MLC’s proven investment experience and expertise managing multi-asset portfolios with the benefits of managed accounts.

We’re one of Australia’s most experienced investment managers, with over 35 years designing and managing portfolios and currently with over $170 billion assets under management.^

Portfolios designed to meet your clients' needs

Designed to suit a range of needs, MLC Managed Account Strategies provide transparent, diversified solutions for clients with different goals, time horizons and fee expectations.

Investment thinking that makes a difference

Through MLC Managed Accounts Strategies, you can access our deep asset allocation insights and portfolio construction expertise – the kind of thinking often not available through other Managed Accounts.

* Portfolios that are ready for many futures: We utilise our powerful and proprietary Investment Futures Framework to model many scenarios to help prepare our portfolios for, and respond to, a range of possible future events, investment scenarios and market conditions.

* Active management of asset allocation: Our investment experts use the insights from this analysis to adjust the asset allocation within each of the portfolios to control potential risks and capture return opportunities.

* Access to some of the world’s leading investment managers: Using our deep proprietary research we select specialist investment managers from around the world and carefully blend them in the one portfolio. Our relationships with these managers provide opportunities and insights that few others can access.

Better client engagement and communication

We share portfolio and market insights with you, so you can have informed discussions with your clients.

Our client-friendly reporting gives you a clear view of the performance of the portfolios and of the individual investments within them. Our investment insights are based on global market intelligence from our experienced investment team.

Valuable practice efficiencies supported by expertise

Our investment experts are responsible for asset allocation and manager selection within the portfolios and continuously monitor them, making changes when needed, while being mindful of transaction costs. It’s much easier than managing individual stocks, funds and other investments for clients yourself.

This reduces the compliance and administrative burden on your practice, freeing up your time so you can get on with what’s important to you; servicing clients and building your practice.

Introducing MLC Managed Account Strategies

Learn how your business and clients can benefit from MLC Managed Account Strategies.

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What is a managed account?

  • A managed account provides investors with access to portfolios created and monitored by a professional investment manager via model portfolios.

  • The issuer of a managed account is typically a platform provider, who implements the model portfolios on behalf of investors based on the investment manager’s advice.

* References to MLC mean MLC Asset Management which includes MLC Asset Management Services Limited (MSL), investment manager of MLC Managed Account Strategies and MLC Asset Management Pty Limited (MLCAM), distributor of MLC Managed Account Strategies.

^ MLC Asset Management is a business division in the IOOF group of companies. It includes a range of businesses and partners that in aggregate manage over A$170bn assets under management as at December 2020.

*References to MLC mean MLC Asset Management which includes MLC Asset Management Services Limited (MSL), investment manager of MLC Managed Account Strategies and MLC Asset Management Pty Limited (MLCAM), distributor of MLC Managed Account Strategies.