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MLC IncomeBuilder

MLC IncomeBuilder aims to provide an income stream (excluding capital gains) that grows each year, by investing primarily in Australian shares. The Fund is expected to provide returns consistent with investing in a broad range of Australian companies.

The Fund invests primarily in listed Australian companies that have the potential to provide future sustainable or growing dividends.

The Fund is expected to generate tax-efficient returns by:

  • investing in companies expected to have high franking levels, and
  • carefully managing the realisation of capital gains, where possible.

How to invest

Direct investors

Accessing the MLC IncomeBuilder fund is easy. You can invest through MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals or MLC MasterKey Pension Fundamentals (within super), MLC MasterKey Investment Service Fundamentals (outside of super), directly via MLC Investment Trust, or by contacting your financial adviser.


For more information on available platforms please speak with your MLC Representative or visit, opens in new window

Invest through a platform – investing outside a super or pension account