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We're now part of IOOF

While it's a big change for us, for our clients it's business as usual.

A message from our Chief Investment Officer
Our ‘participate and protect’ strategies can be thought of as multi-eventuality strategies as they are prepared for multiple conditions and circumstances. Read now

Introducing the new MLC Managed Account Strategies

Offering decades of MLC investment experience in a contemporary investment structure that strengthens your client relationships – and builds your business.

Looking for an investment solution?

We have a broad range of high-quality investment solutions.

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Latest unit prices and distributions

Up-to-date figures from our boutique investment portfolios.

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News and insights

Investment markets are dynamic. Events in one corner of the world can have knock-on effects across the globe. Stay informed with the latest insights from investment experts around the world.

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Investing with us

Information you need to know to make an informed decision when choosing an investment.

About MLC Asset Management 

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Over A$170bn* in assets under management

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Over 100** investment professionals around the world

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A broad range of asset classes

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Proven track record of delivering for clients

*MLC Asset Management includes a range of businesses and partners that in aggregate manage over A$170bn assets under management as at December 2020.

** As at 1 October 2019.