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Design and Distribution
Obligations (DDO) reporting

The Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO) introduce a new approach to consumer protection, by moving away from relying on disclosure as the main form of protection and introducing new measures to improve the likelihood that products are distributed to clients for whom they’ve been designed (ie the target market).

On 5 October 2021, the Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO) will come into effect for all issuers and distributors of financial products that are covered by DDO.

For more information about DDO, you can read our FAQs.

Important information

From 5th October, 2021

You can send any significant dealings reporting to

From 1 January, 2022

You will be able to upload all significant dealings and complaints reporting relating to DDO (including nil-complaint) reporting via our portal (currently under construction).

Significant dealings can be reported in either of the templates provided below. Use the short form to submit a single significant dealing. Use the CSV format to report multiple significant dealings or for automated reporting. These are aligned to the Financial Services Council (FSC) data standards.

Downloadable templates:

Significant dealings – Short form (XLS, 46KB)

Significant dealings – CSV format (CSV, 2KB)

Complaints – CSV format (CSV, 2KB)

For help completing the CSV templates above please refer to the Significant dealing reporting user guide (DOCX, 139KB) or the Complaint reporting user guide (DOCX, 140KB).

Please note this portal and email address are for DDO reporting only. If you have feedback or a complaint that’s not related to DDO, please contact 1300 738 355 (Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm AEST) or your MLC Asset Management representative.