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Economic and market update 

 5 min read

Which key events have been driving markets? Read this article by Senior Economist Bob Cunneen to find out.

A plane taking off

2021-22 financial year in review 

July 2022,  15 min read

The 2021-22 financial year can be separated into two contrasting halves, with global economic recovery threatened by high inflation and rising interest rates. MLC's Senior Economist Bob Cunneen provides a review of what happened in investment markets over the financial year.

Responsible investing capability bolstered

July 2022,  2 min read

James Tayler has been appointed as Head of Responsible Investing, at Insignia Financial, further strengthening Responsible Investing capability.

Investment market falls: explanation and portfolio positioning

June 2022,  6 min read

Recent sharp falls across share markets are an outpouring of a build-up of worry that began towards the back end of 2021.

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Fixed interest stays the course

May 2022,  4 min read

Osvaldo Acosta, head of fixed interest assets, Insignia Financial, says: "We are investing into sectors that are less sensitive to higher rates and inflation."


CIO Market Insights: Reimagining asset allocation in a high inflation world

May 2022,  12 min read

What worked in the low inflation era won’t work in the high inflation era.


Ukraine conflict and portfolio positioning

March 2022

We’ve been rebalancing portfolios over the past year for a changing world, and our Investment Futures Framework has been indispensable to the task.


Ukraine’s “harvest of sorrow” with Russia’s invasion

March 2022,  6 min read

MLC's Senior Economist Bob Cunneen discusses how conflict has brought tragedy once again to Eastern Europe with dramatic economic and political costs.

Ukraine conflict and investment market impact 

 3 min watch

MLC's Chief Investment Officer Jonathan Armitage discusses the background to Russia's invasion, market reaction, and portfolio positioning.

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How to use the 5-10-15 rule to successfully filter companies 

February 2022,  6 min read

Intermede Investment Partners Limited, CEO, Barry Dargan talks to Livewire Markets about the 5-10-15 rule when investing and the ‘network affects’ that set big tech companies apart.


Special edition message from our CIO

February 2022,  12 min read

Even before the terrible events underway in Ukraine, we had been preparing for changes in the investment environment.

Finding inflation-beating companies is about more than just pricing power 

February 2022,  6 min read

Intermede Investment Partners Limited, CEO, Barry Dargan explains to Livewire Markets that pricing power isn’t the only inflation-beating attribute he looks for when investing.

How the right kind of healthcare stock can boost your portfolio

February 2022,  6 min read

Intermede Investment Partners Limited, CEO, Barry Dargan talks to Livewire Markets about healthcare stocks, retail spending and the importance of cashflows.

Does rising inflation require higher interest rates?

February 2022,  5 min read

MLC's Senior Economist Bob Cunneen discusses how there appears to be a ‘need for speed’ for central banks to raise interest rates to contain inflation.


CIO market insights 

February 2022,  12 min read

We’ve steered our clients’ portfolios through many changing investment cycles, including high as well as low inflation periods, and high and low interest rate periods.


CIO market insights 

December 2021,  12 min read

Regardless of the evolution of the latest COVID-19 mutation, the inflation and interest rate outlook will continue to occupy a lot of investor attention.

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2021 calendar year in review 

January 2022,  8 min read

While 2021 was a year where the global economy continued to recover it is still being challenged by COVID-19 risks. MLC's Senior Economist Bob Cunneen provides a review of what happened in investment markets over the year.

The lowdown on private equity

November 2021,  12 min read

This article aims to demystify private equity, an asset class of growing interest to investors seeking meaningful returns along with different characteristics to shares and bonds.


Time for central banks to wind back emergency policies 

October 2021,  7 min read

Rather than fearing the possible wind-back of emergency policies, we think investors should welcome them. It means conditions are improving.


Our climate change sweet spot 

September 2021,  5 min read

Antares Equities Head of Equities and Portfolio Manager Dr Nick Pashias argues that Australian-made “green steel” could become a global industry leader.


CIO market insights 

September 2021,  13 min read

There’s a possibility of a swing towards more interventionist government policies, down the track, with potentially important investment implications.


Where income-hungry investors can access quality cash flows 

September 2021,  10 min read

Portfolio Manager Anthony Golowenko speaks to Livewire Markets about why investments keeping pace with the inflationary environment can represent attractive yield for investors seeking income and dividends in a diversified portfolio.


3 risks and 3 opportunities that MLC has identified within the market 

September 2021,  10 min read

Nosebleed market valuations are starting to price in a choppier recovery than was initially expected – courtesy of COVID’s Delta wave – but stock prices remain a key risk, says Portfolio Manager Anthony Golowenko. In this video, he details three key areas many investors have overlooked.


The asset classes to avoid as markets bubble away 

September 2021,  10 min read

At a time when markets continue to reach new highs, while bond markets continue to cascade lower, Portfolio Manager Anthony Golowenko shares with Livewire Markets why he believes "something's got to give".

High-rise buildings

MLC Asset Management’s Private Equity team continues growth trajectory 

September 2021,  2 min read

New appointments strengthen MLC’s Private Equity offering.

The silhouette of a man holding an umbrella.

The best time to prepare for bumps in portfolio returns is right now

September 2021,  5 min read

Speaking to Professional Planner Portfolio Manager Anthony Golowenko and MLC Advice Financial Adviser Trevor McGowan share their insights into navigating clients and their investments through market volatility.

Squaring up - the Afterpay merger

August 2021,  15 min read

Antares Equities Dr John Guadagnuolo and Winston Chong argue that the recently announced Afterpay/Square merger could potentially reshape the Australian financial services landscape.

Something's gotta give

August 2021,  13 min read

Valuations across asset classes are stretched, by historic comparisons, making them delicately poised. We think ‘participate and protect’ strategies are the way to respond.

Why we are short / underweight iron ore

August 2021,  4 min read

Dr Nick Pashias is Co-Head of Equities and Portfolio Manager at Antares Equities. Nick has research responsibility for the Resources Sector and in this article discusses why Antares managed portfolios are underweight iron ore.

CIO update - is rise in US inflation temporary or sticky?

July 2021,  9 min read

Our 'participate and protect' strategies can be thought of as multi-eventuality strategies as they are prepared for multiple conditions and circumstances.

Fund manager Q&A

July 2021,  4 min read

Barry Dargan, CEO and founder of our global equities partner, Intermede Investment Partners, talks to Livewire Markets about selecting stocks in challenging markets.

A protective playbook for a crisis unlike any other

July 2021,  10 min read

CIO Jonathan Armitage talks to Livewire Markets about market volatility, inflation and what could happen when the Federal Reserve starts to taper its bond purchases.

10 companies that meet our ‘5-10-15’ criteria

July 2021,  6 min read

Identifying winners in global equities. Find out 10 stocks that made the portfolio of our global equities partner, Intermede Investment Partners.

Growth and Value investing not always at loggerheads

June 2021,  8 min read

Growth and Value investing are not permanently at loggerheads. Periods of simultaneously positive performance for Growth and Value stocks are not that rare.


We're now part of IOOF 

May 2021,  4 min read

While it's a big change for us, for our clients it's business as usual.

CIO update - US inflation impacts

May 2021,  8 min read

Expectations for higher US inflation, whether temporary or not, has implications for bond and share markets, and thus for investors’ portfolios.


MLC Asset Management bolsters Private Equity team

May 2021,  2 min read

Newly appointed Co-Head to drive MLC Private Equity growth agenda.

MLC IncomeBuilder – the improving outlook for dividends

April 2021,  8 min read

While the economic recovery means the outlook for corporate earnings has improved, many Australian companies continue to act with caution for their dividend payments.

CIO update – should we be investing in cryptocurrencies?

March 2021,  9 min read

Our evidence-based investment approach means we won’t invest in cryptocurrencies until we have a deep understanding, but we won’t dogmatically say ‘never ever’ either.

Private equity through thick and thin 

September 2020,  15 min read

Private equity funds, specifically “buyout” PE funds that raised capital on the heels of the dot com bust and the GFC, outperformed listed share markets.