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A note from Dan

February 2024,  10 min read

There are trends that may cause future developed country governments to put in place less investment friendly policies.

2023 Calendar year in review

January 2024  10 min read

After the astonishing highs set in 2022, global inflation pressures are finally cooling. The painful squeeze of inflation and rapid rises in interest rates has been very intense for borrowers. Global share markets delivered very strong returns in 2023, reflecting optimism over the promise of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI), lower inflation outcomes and the encouraging resilience of the US economy. MLC Asset Management's Senior Economist Bob Cunneen provides a client-friendly review of what happened in investment markets over calendar year 2023.

Economic and market update

 5 min read

Which key events have been driving markets? Read this article by Senior Economist Bob Cunneen to find out.


A note from Dan

November 2023,  8 min read

The great economic fear over what may happen in the Middle East relates to the potential for a conflict that goes far beyond Israel and Hamas, which would likely send the oil price skyrocketing. However, it’s also possible that oil prices would not remain elevated for an excessively long time.


Australian consumers are ‘under pressure’

November 2023,  8 min read

Australian consumers are being squeezed by rising prices, mortgage interest rates and rents. The Reserve Bank of Australia has just added to the burden by raising the cash interest rate by 0.25% to 4.35%. MLC's Senior Economist Bob Cunneen believes the Australian consumer will remain under pressure until inflation is finally nailed down.


Zenith Fund Awards 2023

October 2023,  2 min read

MLC Asset Management has been recognised at the 2023 Zenith Fund Awards once again, winning the Multi Asset - Diversified category and making the final in the Multi Asset - Real Return category.


Zenith Investment Partners review

October 2023,  2 min read

Zenith Investment Partners recently reviewed the IOOF MultiSeries suite of funds, upgrading the suite to ‘Highly Recommended’. We have also retained the ‘Recommended’ rating for IOOF MultiMix, MLC Horizon 3-7, MLC Index Plus and the MLC Inflation Plus suite of funds.


A note from Dan

October 2023,  8 min read

China’s decades-long economic model has seemingly reached its limits. Despite this, potential returns from Chinese shares may be more promising now than in the years when the country’s economy was growing at thumping rates.


Asset allocation playbook for growth in today's markets

 18 min watch

In this Livewire Markets interview Chief Investment Officer Dan Farmer shares his macro base case, the art and science of picking good managers, as well as some of the returns he is seeing across a range of asset classes today. He also discusses the appeal of private equity, opportunities in property and outlines his thinking behind the allocations for a hypothetical growth portfolio.


Financial Newswire awards

September 2023,  5 min read

MLC funds have been recognised at the Financial Newswire Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2023 with the MLC Wholesale Horizon 7 Accelerated Growth Portfolio (MLC Horizon 7) taking out the award for Best Multi-sector growth fund. Both the Antares Blue Chip Top 20 – SMA and the Specialist Diversified Fixed Interest Fund received a ‘Highly Commended’ commendation.

A note from Dan

August 2023,  11 min read

The shrinking global workforce has been a contributor to inflation. It’s a theme that hasn’t been widely discussed.

2022-23 financial year in review

 10 min read

Consumers are being squeezed by high inflation, rising interest rates and tighter credit. While these intense pressures may cause a global recession in the coming year, global share markets have delivered very strong returns for the last financial year, reflecting hopes that any economic downturn should be brief. MLC's Senior Economist Bob Cunneen provides a client-friendly review of what happened in investment markets over the financial year.


Australia’s “painful squeeze” 

June 2023,  10 min read

Australians are experiencing tough times. Every trip to the supermarket leaves us leaner and poorer in terms of our purchasing power. While high inflation is clearly a global problem, MLC's Senior Economist Bob Cunneen believes the question needs to be asked: Is the RBA mindful of how dramatic this “painful squeeze” really is?


Three steps to successfully implementing managed accounts

May 2023,  4 min read

On the road to successfully implementing managed accounts, advice practices may experience speedbumps, roadblocks and detours.


Four roadblocks to onboarding managed account clients … and ways to get around them

May 2023,  4 min read

Clients are at the centre of everything an advice practice does, which is why a successful managed account implementation relies on bringing them along the journey from the start. Here are four steps top firms follow to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible.

Three ways to stop taking detours when implementing managed accounts 

May 2023,  4 min read

Advisers tell us managed accounts deliver benefits to their clients and their business. So here are their top three tips for making the implementation process as easy as possible.

A note from Dan

April 2023,  6 min read

Are falling banks a game-changer for central banks?

It’s a hat trick for the investment team

March 2023,  2 min read

Awarded Provider of the Year for Multi-Sector Managed Funds by Canstar, Australia’s biggest financial comparison site, for the third year in a row.


A fragile and volatile world 

March 2023,  10 min read

Global share markets opened the new year with mild optimism that inflation and interest rate risks were becoming more manageable and economic activity was improving. However, a sequence of financial shocks in March have dented this optimism. MLC's Senior Economist Bob Cunneen explains why we seem to be still living in a fragile and volatile world.

With a positive view on Australia, here's how this fund manager is positioned

 10 min watch

In this interview Antares Equities, John Guadagnuolo, covers his pick of Australian companies he believes the market is currently undervaluing. He also delves into the macro-outlook and zooms into the company level to discuss his team’s view on markets now and in the years ahead including the Australian companies that are most likely to benefit from the end of China’s COVID-Zero measures.

How to find “explosive growth” stocks outside the ASX 20

 6 min watch

How do you find explosive growth stocks outside the ASX 20? In this latest Livewire interview Antares Equities head of fundamentals and senior portfolio manager, John Guadagnuolo discusses why the Antares Ex-20 Australian Equities Fund avoids the 20 largest ASX companies and how the team pinpoints the stocks that are set for growth.

The ASX company result looming largest on Antares’ radar

 5 min watch

John Guadagnuolo, head of fundamentals and senior portfolio manager, Antares Equities explains to Livewire how he and the team running the Antares ex-20 Australian Equities Fund see pricing power as one of the key themes for this earnings season. John also describes the team’s strategy for rotating stocks in and out of the portfolio.

Rachael Lockyer Portfolio Manager in MLC’s Private Equity team.

The barbarians have gone and the gates to private equity are finally open

 6 min watch

Rachael Lockyer, portfolio manager in MLC’s private equity team, recently talked to Livewire Markets about the outlook for private equity.

Dividend Builder: Livewire Fund in Focus

 10 min watch

Featured on Livewire is the Antares Dividend Builder strategy. In this short video learn more about how the strategy seeks to deliver income and capital growth.

When investing for income, don't get caught looking backwards

6 min read

Andrew Hamilton, Portfolio Manager of the Antares Dividend Builder strategy, recently talked to Livewire Markets about the health of the two big dividend-paying sectors: financials and commodities.

Chess pieces on a chessboard.

Unpicking the China puzzle: from economic locomotive to handbrake 

September 2022,  10 min read

China’s economy matters to the world and is especially important for Australia. As its economy faces headwinds, some of our portfolio managers, and investment partners offer their thoughts on what may lie ahead.

Responsible investing capability bolstered

July 2022,  2 min read

James Tayler has been appointed as Head of Responsible Investing, at Insignia Financial, further strengthening Responsible Investing capability.

Barry Dargan Thumbnail

How to use the 5-10-15 rule to successfully filter companies 

February 2022,  6 min read

Intermede Investment Partners Limited, CEO, Barry Dargan talks to Livewire Markets about the 5-10-15 rule when investing and the ‘network affects’ that set big tech companies apart.

Finding inflation-beating companies is about more than just pricing power 

February 2022,  6 min read

Intermede Investment Partners Limited, CEO, Barry Dargan explains to Livewire Markets that pricing power isn’t the only inflation-beating attribute he looks for when investing.

How the right kind of healthcare stock can boost your portfolio

February 2022,  6 min read

Intermede Investment Partners Limited, CEO, Barry Dargan talks to Livewire Markets about healthcare stocks, retail spending and the importance of cashflows.


Our climate change sweet spot 

September 2021,  5 min read

Antares Equities Head of Equities and Portfolio Manager Dr Nick Pashias argues that Australian-made “green steel” could become a global industry leader.

High-rise buildings

MLC Asset Management’s Private Equity team continues growth trajectory 

September 2021,  2 min read

New appointments strengthen MLC’s Private Equity offering.

Fund manager Q&A

July 2021,  4 min read

Barry Dargan, CEO and founder of our global equities partner, Intermede Investment Partners, talks to Livewire Markets about selecting stocks in challenging markets.

10 companies that meet our ‘5-10-15’ criteria

July 2021,  6 min read

Identifying winners in global equities. Find out 10 stocks that made the portfolio of our global equities partner, Intermede Investment Partners.


We're now part of IOOF 

May 2021,  4 min read

While it's a big change for us, for our clients it's business as usual.

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