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Chart of the week 

 2 min read

Check out our economist Bob Cunneen’s unique and speedy take on what’s happening in markets.

CIO update - is rise in US inflation temporary or sticky?

July 2021,  9 min read

Our 'participate and protect' strategies can be thought of as multi-eventuality strategies as they are prepared for multiple conditions and circumstances.

A protective playbook for a crisis unlike any other

July 2021,  10 min read

CIO Jonathan Armitage talks to Livewire Markets about market volatility, inflation and what could happen when the Federal Reserve starts to taper its bond purchases.

Economic and market update 

 4 min watch

Which key events have been driving markets? Watch this video with Senior Economist Bob Cunneen to find out.

A plane taking off

2020-21 financial year in review 

July 2021,  22 min read

2020-21 was a remarkable year of economic and market recovery, but COVID-19 risks remain. MLC's Portfolio Specialist John Owen provides a review of what happened in investment markets over the financial year.

CIO update - US inflation impacts

May 2021,  8 min read

Expectations for higher US inflation, whether temporary or not, has implications for bond and share markets, and thus for investors’ portfolios.

MLC IncomeBuilder – the improving outlook for dividends

April 2021,  8 min read

While the economic recovery means the outlook for corporate earnings has improved, many Australian companies continue to act with caution for their dividend payments.

CIO update – should we be investing in cryptocurrencies?

March 2021,  9 min read

Our evidence-based investment approach means we won’t invest in cryptocurrencies until we have a deep understanding, but we won’t dogmatically say ‘never ever’ either.

Infographic – the economy and markets in 2020-21

February 2021,  4 min read

Key stats and facts focusing on the effects of COVID.

CIO update - the US election

January 2021,  11 min read

President Biden is likely to usher in higher economic growth, which could stir inflation, but potentially benefit value stocks.

2020 calendar year in review 

January 2021,  23 min read

2020 was a year that challenged us all but ended with hope. MLC’s Portfolio Specialist John Owen provides a review of what happened in investment markets over the year.

CIO update - reflation 

December 2020,  7 min watch

There are trends underway suggesting that reflation may be around the corner.