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Introducing Chris Smith: Portfolio Manager at Intermede, a key manager in MLC Managed Account Strategies’ Premium Model Portfolio

June 2024


This year, we’re celebrating a four-year anniversary for MLC Managed Account Strategies. These portfolios combine our best thinking on asset allocation with the disciplined investment process that has been honed by MLC Asset Management’s team of investment professionals over multiple investment cycles.

Intermede Investment Partners are one of our key managers in our Premium Model Portfolio offering, providing our portfolios expert exposure to high quality global companies.

During a recent visit to Australia from the United States, Intermede’s Chris Smith sat down with Anthony Golowenko, Senior Portfolio Manager, to discuss Intermede’s role in our MLC Managed Account Strategies, their investment philosophy and Chris’ personal journey in the world of investing.

1m 5s: Identifying 'quality growth' potential at Intermede
2m 16s: Examples of quality companies identified by Intermede
3m 26s: Chris Smith's investment career motivations
4m 27s: Intermede's focus on the technology sector
5m 22s: AI's influence on Intermede's portfolio strategy
7m 4s: Intermede's approach and portfolio adjustments in Q3 FY24
8m 34s: Global pandemic and conflict effects on portfolios since mid-2020
10m 25s: Portfolio stance on energy sector during Russia-Ukraine conflict
12m 1s: Investment prospects in high inflation and interest rate environments
12m 54s: Chris Smith on long-term benefits of investing in quality companies




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