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MLC Private Equity

Our approach

A global approach

The MLC Private Equity team carefully selects the right managers to partner with to deliver the best investment opportunities. Our rigorous investment process underpins our ability to achieve this outcome.

Investment process

MLC Private Equity manages its portfolio with a bottom-up research approach supported by a thematic, top-down overlay. With the nature of private investing, some of the most valuable due diligence information comes from having strong, deep networks within the industry, built up over 22 years of investing through market cycles.

Long-term investor

  • Through the cycle investors
  • Look for top quartile managers

Relationship based

  • Invest in relationship development
  • The strength of our relationships creates access to attractive deal flow as we can navigate restricted markets and managers

Bottom-up research

  • Select and align with the leading private equity managers
  • Thoughtful, consistent underwriting across regions and sectors 
  • Direct approach, without relying on advisers

Selective deal sourcing

  • Existing manager relationships and networks

Diversified portfolio

  • Portfolio diversified by geography, industry, manager and investment time horizon
  • Investments predominantly weighted to buyout and growth strategies

Risk management

  • Market-wide research overlays for each investment decision
  • Rigorous investment committee process

Portfolio construction

The MLC Private Equity team works with the MLC Capital Markets team to develop an understanding of macroeconomic themes, opportunities and possible global scenarios. This knowledge and insight is then used in selecting opportunities that will play out over the medium- to long-term and to create a well-diversified portfolio of opportunities across managers, different sectors, strategies and geographies.

Our philosophy




Started in 1997
Fiduciary mindset
Well understood
Consistent allocation




Global program
Long-term relationships



Robust screening process
Best-of-breed managers
No bucket-filling