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Fairview Equity Partners

Investment approach

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Fairview’s philosophy and style

Fairview’s investment philosophy is based on the belief that the smaller companies’ segment of the market provides the greatest opportunities for identifying mispriced securities. This is because many of these companies tend to be under-researched and therefore have the potential to offer investors significant upside.

Fairview uses an active core approach that ensures stock selection is the key driver of fund performance. Fairview’s highly collaborative approach to investing revolves around a robust investment process which seeks to fully utilise the extensive experience and resources of the investment team.

Integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors

The investment team at Fairview holds the view that ESG and sustainability factors can materially affect the risk and reward potential of all companies, whether listed or not.

Fairview applies a meaningful and robust ESG framework which is embedded within the investment selection and portfolio management process. In addition, the hundreds of company meetings the team conducts each year, helps to determine companies’ adherence to best practice on ESG matters with the aim to reduce portfolio risk and uncover opportunities.