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MLC Global Private
Equity Fund

Access the return potential of transforming
and growing private companies from an
experienced and proven manager.

The MLC Global Private Equity Fund offers access to a well-diversified portfolio of carefully selected private equity opportunities with a minimum investment of $20,000 – allowing individual investors access to this once institutional-only asset class


Access to select global private equity investment opportunities

Through our deep long-standing relationships
with specialist private equity managers.


Drawing on MLC Private Equity’s
25-year track record

Of delivering strong and consistent returns to investors.


Retail investor access to private markets

Access a mature and well-diversified portfolio with some limited liquidity and a $20,000 initial investment.

Why private equity?

Abundant investment opportunities

Access a large, diverse and growing set of opportunities not available in listed markets.

The potential for significant returns

Through the opportunity for skilled, experienced and incentivised private equity managers to actively manage and improve a business’ performance.

Powerful portfolio diversification

Gain exposure to a different return and risk profile relative to traditional asset classes.

How to invest

The Fund is available via its product disclosure statement with a minimum investment of $20,000. The Fund is available across a number of investment platforms.


Our market-leading approach


Long-term partnerships

Our deep relationships - developed over decades - with specialist private equity managers globally provide us with access to high-potential private companies.


A proven investment approach

We take a disciplined approach to discovering, selecting and investing in private equity opportunities. Our focus is on investing in opportunities with high potential for delivering attractive returns to our investors, while also managing risks.


One of the most established programs in Australia

The MLC Private Equity program has invested through a range of market cycles since 1997 – consistently delivering strong returns.


A mature and diversified portfolio

We invest across a range of investment managers, geographies, vintages and types of private equity such as buy-out and growth investments. The Fund offers a mature portfolio from inception.


Insights and resources

Understanding the newly emerging retail private equity market

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