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MLC Horizon portfolios

The MLC Horizon portfolios are a range of actively-managed portfolios designed to deliver returns above their benchmarks, while managing risk.

Each portfolio has a different allocation of growth and defensive assets, which are expected to deliver different levels of returns, while exposed to different levels of volatility. These portfolios are managed within defined ranges so investors always know where their money is invested.

Key features

  • Broad range of portfolios: investors can select the portfolio with the right mix of growth and defensive assets for their investment needs
  • Defined asset allocation: growth and defensive assets are actively managed within a defined range, meaning investors will always know where their money is invested.
  • Experience and track record: the portfolios are designed and managed using MLC’s market-leading investment approach, leveraging MLC’s experience in helping investors achieve their financial goals
  • Risk-management focus: risk is actively-managed using MLC’s unique Investment Futures Framework, which uses a forward-looking approach when managing risk
  • Multi-manager approach: MLC use many specialist investment managers from around the world to identify some of the best investment opportunities so investors can be confident their money is in good hands and access a diversified range of investment thinking
  • Extensive diversification: the portfolios have been diversified across mainstream asset classes, with some exposure to private and alternative assets and strategies so investors are well diversified aiming to minimise risk, and could use the portfolio as their whole portfolio

How to invest

Direct investors

Accessing the MLC Horizon portfolios is easy. You can invest through MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals, opens in new window or MLC MasterKey Pension Fundamentals (within super), opens in new windowMLC MasterKey Investment Service Fundamentals, opens in new window, directly via MLC Investment Trust, or by contacting your financial adviser.


For more information on available platforms please speak with your MLC Representative or visit

Invest through a platform – investing outside a super or pension account