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Latest quarterly reporting resources

Underlying strategy reports

These investment reports are for our alternatives and other strategies. These reports are for clients and are updated each calendar quarter. There may be a delay in delivery due to valuation lags.

  • The global private equity strategy is managed by MLC's Private Equity team, which uses a combined multi-manager and co-investment approach to investing.  The strategy is used in our MLC Horizon and Inflation Plus portfolios (MLC MasterKey superannuation and pension products) and MySuper in MLC MasterKey Business Super.

    Global private assets strategy investment update (PDF 355KB)

  • The insurance-related investments strategy, managed by MLC’s Alternative Strategies team, uses carefully selected reinsurance managers from around the world.  MLC Inflation Plus portfolios’ and MySuper have allocations to the strategy. MLC Horizon portfolios also have an indirect allocation through their investment in the MLC Inflation Plus strategies.

    Insurance-related investment strategy investment update (PDF 109KB)

  • A distinctive alternative strategy, LCS is designed to increase the diversity of sources of return and risk in our MLC Horizon and Inflation Plus portfolios. By combining several carefully selected alternative strategies, LCS aims to provide a pattern of returns that is mostly independent of, or "uncorrelated" with, share market returns. We expect this will help to smooth out the pattern of returns in these portfolios.

    Low Correlation Strategy investment update (PDF 478KB)

  • Our derivative strategies are a combination of distinct risk reduction and efficient asset allocation strategies. The strategies are tailored to each of MLC’s multi-asset portfolios by the Capital Markets Research (CMR) team, the team responsible for managing the multi asset portfolios’ asset allocations. CMR works closely with our specialist in-house Derivatives team, seeking opportunities to achieve higher returns or manage risks using strategies that aren’t available when investing directly in assets.

    Derivative strategies investment update (PDF 60KB)


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