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MLC Index Plus portfolios

The MLC Index Plus portfolios are low-cost, diversified investment solutions, plus more.

Each portfolio gives you access to returns from investment markets through an intelligent blend of index and active investment strategies. They’re invested across a wide range of assets in and outside Australia.

Plus, the asset allocation of the portfolios is actively managed by MLC’s experienced investment team using their market-leading investment approach.

It’s an effective combination: MLC’s expertise in managing multi-asset portfolios, and carefully chosen index and active investment approaches, to provide low-cost market returns.

Each portfolio has a different asset allocation, designed to deliver a different level of return and volatility.

Key features

  • Complete diversified solutions: Exposure to a range of investment managers and asset classes, including Australian and global shares and fixed income and global property securities.  Use as your complete investment portfolio or as its core.
  • Cost-effective investing: To keep costs low, we use mainly index and index-based strategies to select investments. We actively manage some asset classes, like fixed income, where an active approach can make a real difference and is worth paying for.
  • Active management of the asset mix: Our investment experts can adjust the asset allocations, within defined limits, to help manage risk and returns as markets change.
  • MLC's expertise: Benefit from the insights of the experienced investment team that manages all of MLC’s multi-asset portfolios.

How to invest in the Fund

Direct investors

Accessing the MLC Index Plus portfolios is easy. You can invest through MLC MasterKey Super & Pension Fundamentals (within super), opens in new window, MLC MasterKey Investment Service Fundamentals (outside of super), directly via MLC Investment Trust, or by contacting your financial adviser.


For more information on available platforms please speak with your MLC Representative or visit

Invest through a platform – investment outside super or pension